Gardening and landscape design
for the ecologically-minded

specializing in:

    • native species

    • pollinator friendly plants

    • kitchen + container gardens 

    • soil remediation 

    • organic fertilizing methods

JP Raite is a naturalist + artist focused on restoration ecology projects and sustainable horticulture installations. 

Inspired by natural meadows and forest glens, and grounded in the principles of Deep Ecology, JP strives to bring some wildness back into the built environment, to create urban gardens that teem with life.

By prioritizing native and pollinator-friendly plants, plus organic gardening methods and biodegradable materials, her plantings are beautiful and beneficial to living organisms - from bugs to birds to humans. And through a meticulous planning process, she designs each project to be as low-maintenance, sustainable, and close to carbon neutral as possible. 

If you are interested in a Bunchberry installation at your home or business and you live in the New York metro area or the Mid-Coast region of Maine, please get in touch. 

No project is too small. Even the littlest gardens can have a positive impact.

How it works:

Get in touch:

If you already have a project idea, feel free to fill out this proposal form 

or reach out directly to

(207) 200-6370

Get inspired:

Check out the Bunchberry Pinterest for ideas, to get a sense of the aesthetic, and to learn more about sustainable gardening.

If you’re on Instagram, you can follow along @bunchberrygardens