Good Stuff:

a free open call for feel-good content,

organized by JP Raite

Please email submissions by 11:59, January 31, 2020
to be included in digital collection and featured in a January 1, 2021 newsletter.

Content can be art, recordings, music, written name it. 
The goal is to pluck out some gems in what has been a rather lackluster year.
So far:

from JP:

While quarantined in Maine over the summer, I stayed up all night watching the Perseid meteor shower. I managed to catch one on camera which made this space nerd totally giddy.
from Kate:

My daughter drew this picture which I thought captured my mood in 2020: so that's kind of good

And also, her Halloween costume was pretty far-out: She was a Book about a Toilet and a Toothbrush running down a hill.

from Candi:

In February we found out my son got a full ride to a private engineering school which we weren’t expecting. He is the first of our family to do this. I drew this for his graduation cap topper.

from Roger:

Hi JP,

This one is quite easy for me. While this year has been filled with things that make me want to scream into the void for eternity, it was so nice see you in New York. It was great to catch up and chat about being small town kids in the big city.

I’m forever grateful for your way of viewing the world, your incessant will to not give up on people, and your creativity. Seeing another newsletter in my inbox reminds me of how lucky we all are to have your attention.

(awww shucks :)